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Tag a friend, dare to be great


This Smile Challenge was inspired because Evan smiled through it all - chemo treatments, multiple surgeries, nausea, daily medications… you name it, he smiled and he inspired others, including Rone and Omer, to smile despite what they were going through.


#SmileThruit Challenge calls on kids and adults to send a picture or video of themselves, smiling while doing or experiencing something difficult or uncomfortable – just like Evan did throughout his battle with cancer.  We want to encourage children to be creative and tag others to do the same and let’s see how far our smiles can be spread.  Smile with a lemon in your mouth; smile while eating a super sour candy; smile while balancing three straws on your lips; or smile while doing your homework – it doesn’t matter – just smile! The fun part is the challenge of coming up with what to smile through. 


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