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Kids4Evan Day


Thank you to the Moriah School of Englewood, NJ, for launching the inaugural event on March 25, 2016, which was a smashing and smile-filled success!  


Our goal is for schools and camps around the world to partner with Kids4Evan and create a “day of kindness” in memory of Evan.  The world was simply a better place with Evan in it. His life generated amazing and selfless acts of kindness from friends, families and strangers.  We hope to continue this legacy by having events focused on performing random acts of kindness for a specific day, a collection drive to benefit a local organization or a day where each child promises to refrain from speaking about another peer in a derogatory manner. These are just some of our ideas; we look forward to hearing and posting other innovative ideas that spread the message of kindness.  To have your school listed as a partner or to hear more details, please contact us.


Partnering Kids4Evan Schools


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